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Model KTKW180EA or EBA perfect mica undercutting tool for our Diamond Undercutting Wheels for those locations where compressed air is not not available.
     This high speed (18,000 RPM), high torque undercutter has a hanging motor with a flexible drive shaft making it easy to reach most applications.

Undercutter Only

RPM Description Catalog Number
18,000 Portable, Electric, Kut-Kwik Undercutter Only, 115V. KTKW180EA
18,000 Portable, Electric, Kut-Kwik Undercutter Only, 230V. KTKW180EB
Undercutter Only: Net Weight 13.2 lbs., Shipping Weight 16.2 lbs.
Stand Only: Net Weight 8.7 lbs., Shipping Weight 11.5 lbs.

Diamond Coated
Undercutting Wheels
For use with Model KK350

O.D. I.D. Thicknesses Catalog Number
3/4" 5/16" .020, .030, .040" DIAW3(add thicknesses)
7/8" 5/16" .020, .025, .030, .035, .040, .045, .050, .055, .060, .065" DIAW7(add thicknesses)


Undercutter With Stand

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